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Thursday, July 25, 2024

FootballPredict the ups and downs from the 4 English Football Leagues
Before a ball is kicked in the new season, attempt to predict who will finish as champions, gain promotion and be relegated from the English Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two. 'Points' are attained by the number of positions away your selections are at the end of the season - for example, a team finishing 3rd will score you 2 points if you had them as champions (3-1). A team finishing 15th in the Championship will score you 7 points if you predicted they would be relegated (22 - 15). You do not need to get the correct order of promotions or relegations correct, and promotion via the play-off will be treated as an extra automatic promotion spot for scoring purposes (i.e. 3rd place in the Championship). Five points are taken off your score for an exact match. The player with the LEAST points wins the game!

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